my stuffz and such

This page pretty much only exists because every student at ELTE-IK is given a subdomain. Having said that, let's fill it with some sense.

I study Computer Science at ELTE-IK (since 2016). My main field of interest is set theory, both in math and in programming. To be more exact the obscure-ish functional programming side of it (type dependent and/or event driven languages/developement). So far I've acquintaced myself with Haskell/Clean, a bit of iTask and some Agda. In the near future I plan on delving more into logic and how to handle software developement regarding equal accessiblities.

In the meantime I'm a mentor and animator at ELTE-IK, meaning that first: I 'manage' a group of newcomers through their first semester; second: I help out at some events and generally help the Student Council with some simpler tasks. I also aspire to maybe teach the basic functional programming class. Right, I also spend considerable time tutoring other students and wirting kind of this-is-how-I-understood-this-class-see-its-not-hard guides. I'll link these below (they're in Hungarian).

The this-is-how-I-understood-this-class-see-its-not-hard guides:

In the past I've spent a lot of time with (nowadays outdated) web developement, focusing on PHP (and MySQL duh), but I've moved onto AngularJS. I've done some very basic game developement (Delphi; C/C++ w/ SDL2), some vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator), some video editing (Sony Vegas), and some 3D modeling (Wings3D). Regarding the latter, a long time ago I got a few of my works into the Hungarian indie game Stickman Warfare of which I am now a kind of developer (but I mainly regard myself community builder).

Some of my recent-ish works. They're mostly picked from bigger projects and as such won't properly work on their own. Just check the codes. The names are quite self explanatory. For those that aren't, they're likely in Haskell.